Summer Interns lead a Learn About Forests program for Boys & Girls Club youth, July 2019

Through our EAGLE Initiative, we work with universities to offer unique training and learning opportunities for college students interested in environmental education, racial, social, and environmental justice, media and communications, land management, and more. We are always looking for passionate and enthusiastic college students to help mentor the next generation of environmental advocates from diverse communities.

Please contact us, whether you are an interested university staff, faculty, or student.

University Collaborators


Intern Spotlight

Rebecca Sirull, Northeastern University Co-op Student, right, at the First Annual Alumni Gathering, August, 2016

I began working with Eagle Eye on community outreach projects through a class assignment and knew right away that I was part of something special. Speaking with Anthony and MaJa, looking through old photos, and reading interviews with youth participants, it was clear to me that Eagle Eye had an incredible capacity to inspire a sense of awe and wonder of the natural world for youth of all backgrounds. As I met more members of the Eagle Eye community, I realized how deeply supportive and passionate every person is for each other and the work they are doing. They welcomed me into their circle with open arms, always encouraging me to do my best work and throwing their confidence behind me. Because of my time working with Eagle Eye, I’ve not only gained technical skills, but also become empowered to put those skills to use for a cause I believe in. 

Rebecca Sirull, 2016 Media & Communications Intern, Volunteer