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Eagle Eye was founded in 1991 on the belief that having access to nature, developing wonder at the natural world, and learning about the interconnected nature of life are basic rights – rights that must be extended to all youth.

Co-founder Anthony Sanchez developed a connection to nature by chance; having grown up in an urban environment, Anthony was sent to reform school in rural upstate New York after he was caught stealing. If Anthony had never gotten into trouble, he never would have experienced the pleasures of walking through a forest, horseback riding, or skating on a frozen pond. The curiosity and joy sparked by Anthony’s nature explorations led him not only to pursue further experiences in nature, but also to follow an environmental career path. By founding Eagle Eye Institute, Anthony aimed to ensure that young people experience nature by thoughtful design, not simply by chance.

Eagle Eye offers young people an array of place-based learning opportunities, including one-day immersions, overnight camping trips, after-school programs, and service-learning projects that deepen knowledge and connection to nature. We aspire to create a world in which all people, regardless of race, class, or gender are at peace with themselves, others, and nature, a world of healthy individuals living in healthy communities, where all people have access to nature and are engaged in the care and protection of Earth’s resources everyday.

Throughout our 30 year history, we have built mutually beneficial partnerships to serve the needs of communities and accomplish our mission. We are grateful to our friends in the Boston area who collaborated on programs and initiatives with us from 1992 to 2015. In 2015, we closed our Somerville office and transitioned operations to Western Mass, where our work continues at our Berkshires conservation site and in Holyoke.