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Eagle Eye Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering urban people from underserved communities, especially youth of color, to play an active role in caring for our environment.


Eagle Eye aspires to help create a world in which all people, regardless of race, class, or gender are at peace with themselves, others, and nature; a world of healthy individuals living in healthy communities, where all people are engaged in the care and protection of Earth's resources everyday.


  1. Ensure youth have a relationship with the natural world.
  2. Ensure youth see themselves as agents for positive change in the environment.
  3. Ensure youth consider career options in the environmental and natural resource field.
  4. Develop program models for others to engage youth in learning about the environment.
  5. Diversify the conservation movement.


  1. Provide access and repeat visitation to natural sites that youth might not otherwise experience.
  2. Teach about the interconnections between nature and urban life.
  3. Engage youth in science learning through exploratory activities in the outdoors.
  4. Raise youth awareness of and interest in environmental career options.
  5. Nurture relationships between youth and adults involved in environmental protection.
  6. Develop young people's capacity for leadership and encourage active citizenship.
  7. Engage youth and community members in mutually beneficial service projects.
  8. Collaborate with youth development organizations who serve urban communities.
  9. Recruit and train organizations and individuals to engage youth in nature.