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Become an Eagle Eye Champion today! Volunteer to join our group of trained Eagle Eye Champions and engage youth in nature exploration through our fun and effective programs. With your help, more young people can experience the joys and benefits of nature regardless of geography, race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic class.

Please contact us to learn more. 

What is a Champion?

Champions are individuals who volunteer with Eagle Eye for the purpose of organizing Learn About programs. These program organizers are “champions” of environmental protection and extending the benefits of nature to all youth. Eagle Eye Champions bring together youth organizations, natural resource professionals, and natural sites to provide immersive experiences in nature to youth from underrepresented communities. Eagle Eye provides Champions with materials, training, and other needed support.

Who can be a Champion?

Any person 18 years or older who aligns with Eagle Eye’s mission and wants to help expand outdoor, exploratory learning programs to youth in their community is welcome to become a Champion.

Examples of a Champion

  • A youth worker who wants to provide an opportunity for young people in their organization
  • An environmental educator who wants to reach out to youth in underserved communities
  • A natural resource professional looking to expand education at her/his agency
  • A community member committed to expanding opportunities for local youth to explore nature
  • A college student passionate about education, the environment, and social justice