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Joalis M Ayala


I was born in Springfield, Massachusetts and raised and currently residing in Holyoke. I am attending Hampshire College as a Division II student. I’ve always been interested in the visual arts and crafts, and always wanted to create something; and get my hands dirty.  I want to study graphic design and publishing, mostly book designing.  Hoping that one day I can travel the world designing and that’s how I want to make a living. I do enjoy working with youth, especially those in my community. First hearing Eagle Eye mission and goals it hit close to home, This is what pulled me to want to be a part of this program. I want to improve my mentoring skills and gain tools for the future, all while tying in nature and getting connected. What makes me unique is that I manage to thrive wherever I am and always push myself to be better.

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Desiree Maldonado


Desiree is a first generation student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she studies natural resource conservation. She is passionate about environmental justice and mitigating the effects of climate change. As a young person growing up between the city of Holyoke and her grandmother's home nestled among trees, she developed an understanding of how important it is to connect with nature. Her love for wildlife and connection to the mission of Eagle Eye has brought her to the 2022 land management internship. Upon graduation, she hopes to work in wildlife conservation and encourage youth to take an active role in the environment. When not working with her hands in the forest, she enjoys sewing, reading, and cuddling with her dog Bernie.