WELCOME to our all Summer Program Staff

Kira Jewett

Kira Jewett

Summer Program Director

Kira’s commitment to healing humans' relationship with the natural world began when she discovered Deep Ecology at a retreat. She spent the next several years studying environmental science, first at Yale and then the University of Montana. She also taught middle school and led teen backpacking expeditions during this time.

Kira met Eagle Eye in 1997, as part of a Social Justice internship program. Originally asked to help lead Learn About Forests programs, she was eventually hired full-time for a year to create the Learn About Forests training manuals. Kira has spent over 20 years as a science teacher and public school administrator, helping to open young peoples' hearts and eyes to the beauty and power of nature as part of their education.

Eagle Eye Summer Program Interns

Interns play a key role in coordinating our Learn About Forests (LAF) program with groups of youth and young adults.

Natalie and Sydney

Natalie Rubin and Sydney Strauss

Natalie Rubin, a senior at U Mass Amherst is a history major minoring in sociology.

Natalie cares a lot about environmental issues and is excited to be part of youth programs that approach environmentalism from a humanitarian standpoint. “Nature has been part of my healing journey and I know programs like this are therapeutic for the youth involved.”

Sydney Strauss, also a senior at U Mass Amherst is studying environmental science.

“I believe nature plays an integral role in youth development.  I see nature as the ultimate teacher…Natures shows us that we can’t discriminate against any organism, for even the scariest of bugs contribute greatly to the ecosystem, just like every person matters and contributes to our human culture.”

MountainStar Forest Land Management Interns with Site Manager, Scott Beach

Interns receive training and experience in land management while working with Scott Beach to complete projects at Eagle Eye’s program site. Projects are designed to enhance the access and safety for all visitors now and in the future.

Kei Lim, a Senior at Amherst College wants to engage in environmental conservation through hands-on approaches, rather than just academic and policy contexts. Kei is passionate about preserving land and protecting our native ecosystems for environmental health and for future generations.

Shaylen Roell, a Junior at UMass Amherst is majoring in Natural Resources Conservation concentrating in Forestry. Shaylen is excited to learn skills such as tree harvesting, sawmill lumber production, carpentry, trail work, etc that they will carry with them into their future career.

Casey Moore recently graduated from Westfield State University with a degree in environmental science and minors in sustainability and ecological restoration.

Casey is looking to gain hands-on experience in the field and to learn as much as possible.