Eagle Club is an environmental after-school program that raises environmental awareness through hands-on learning, develops responsibility through stewardship, and empowers students to be environmental leaders in their community.

Eagle Club meets once a week for 8-10 weeks in the fall and the spring. The program incorporates place-based activities at school sites as well as field visits to natural areas. Every Eagle Club cohort attends a weekend program, either one-day Learn About Forests or three-day Learn More About Forests camping program at our site in the Berkshires. 

If you would like Eagle Club at your school or youth organization, please contact us!

Program History

Tufts University Intern Cleo Hirsch began the E.A.G.L.E. Initiative in 2010 to engage college students as Champions of Eagle Eye programs with Boston area youth organizations. In 2012, this became Eagle Club, an environmental after-school program at Somerville’s Healey Boys & Girls Club and the Mystic Learning Center. In 2013-15, Christina Oliva led the effort to expand Eagle Club and develop place-based curricula with the help of Antioch University New England students. Tufts University students helped coordinate Eagle Club programs with youth groups in Middlesex County.

In 2017, Eagle Eye partnered with Kestrel Land Trust to pilot Eagle Club at Holyoke High Dean Campus. In 2018, Hampshire College intern Allie Foster completed her Division III research helping to develop Eagle Club at Dean Campus. Eagle Eye continues to expand Eagle Club to multiple Holyoke schools and youth organizations, including the Holyoke Boys & Girls Club.


“I learned that birds have a change in the color of their feathers based on how long they live.”

Eagle Club Participant, Age 19, Holyoke High School Dean Campus

"I learned about some of the tools used to work on or make trails, including a McLeod and an uprooter."

Eagle Club Participant, Age 18, Holyoke High School Dean Campus

“I wish this was school. I would remember more if I could see, smell, and touch what I’m learning.”

Eagle Club Participant, Age 11, Boys & Girls Club of Middlesex County