Interested in sharing your love of nature with urban youth?

Eagle Eye relies on Natural Resource Professionals (NRPs), scientists, and environmental educators to provide hands-on, exploratory learning on environmental topics to our program participants. If you are a naturalist, interpreter, or educator and connect with Eagle Eye's mission, consider volunteering for one of our youth programs. We provide each new program instructor with training materials and an orientation before volunteering.

By being a mentor and sharing your scientific knowledge and/or outdoor skills and passion with urban youth, you can help underserved populations better understand and care for the land. As an instructor, you can promote personal growth and increase awareness of environmental career opportunities for a diverse audience, while receiving the benefits of exploring the outdoors with enthusiastic youth. Please consider bringing your expertise and field knowledge to our programs this season.

Examples of Instructors:

  • A science teacher with the summer off that is interested in gaining experience teaching youth outside the classroom
  • An environmental educator from an environmental center committed to engaging a diverse population
  • A college student majoring in environmental education interested in sharing their love of nature with urban youth
  • A natural resource professional looking to expand education at his or her agency
  • A community member committed to creating connections among people in his or her community

"I thoroughly enjoyed taking Eagle Eye students out on snowshoeing animal tracking hikes [January & February, 2020]! They were engaged and in good cheer. The students were ready to try out new things in nature, not once complaining about the hike or the cold. They asked insightful questions and wanted to know more. The Eagle Eye staff is wonderful and very supportive! I highly encourage anyone to connect with and support Eagle Eye Institute. It's a wonderful program!"

Dr. John Body, Education Specialist, Naturalist

Find out more about our June 2020 virtual Instructor Orientation here!