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New Digital Home

New Digital Home

Welcome to our new digital home for the Eagle Eye community!

We’ve been sprucing up the place just for you. We hope you take a moment (more than a moment) to make yourself comfortable.

Welcome, new friends. Thanks for visiting and getting to know us. The young people of Somerville, Medford, Cambridge and Boston who have yet to know nature—they need you. They need time to enjoy a sun-filled (or rain-filled) day among trees and grasses, wildflowers and fields, and brooks and wetlands.

And for you, old friends: take a look at what we’ve been up to. We’ve got new staff, new partners, and a new afterschool nature program for urban youth we call EAGLE Club (Earth Advocates Green Leaders for the Environment (EAGLE).

Thankfully, together with our great partners – Tisch College at Tufts University, the Middlesex County Boys and Girls Club, the Mystic Learning Center, and more – we’re making sure that many young people are enjoying time to get to know nature and their place in it.

For many natural resource professionals, there is a flash in time, often in childhood, when who we are is forever changed because of nature. I call this experience our magic moment. When reminded, we look back and recognize that point in time when our future changed. I was a third grader standing in the middle of the Mill River in Fairfield, Connecticut in rubber boots, feeling the water move past me, around me, through me. It made me realize that I wanted the river—all the water, rocks, and silt I could see—and I believe it was then that I saw myself as irreversibly connected to nature.

Every young person deserves their own magic moment. Join us and make a life-long difference in the lives of urban youth from some of the most densely developed and under-served districts in the greater Boston area.



Bill Labich

Regional Conservationist