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Maja Kietzke

For two decades, MaJa was a leader in the responsible travel and environmental tourism movements before the term “ecotourism” was coined. Over the years she spoke at conferences and conducted interviews worldwide to educate people about the impacts of tourism. She founded The Travel Specialists, to promote peace and understanding through travel in 1985.

In 1991, MaJa and Anthony Sanchez co-founded Eagle Eye Institute. As a young person growing up in the rural Midwest, MaJa was surrounded by nature, but didn’t realize how lucky she was to grow up in this setting till she started traveling the world. She started Eagle Eye because of her passion to connect youth with nature. MaJa continues working at Eagle Eye Institute as the volunteer fiscal manager and as a member of the organization’s Foundation Team.

When she is not working in the travel office or volunteering with Eagle Eye, MaJa is tending her organic vegetable garden and enjoying the beauty of nature at her “off the grid” homestead in the Berkshire Hills.