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Kira Jewett

Kira’s commitment to healing humans’ relationship with the natural world began when she discovered Deep Ecology at a retreat. She spent the next several years studying environmental science, first at Yale and then the University of Montana. (She also taught middle school and led teen backpacking expeditions during this time). Kira met EEI in 1997, as part of a Social Justice internship program. Originally asked to help lead Learn About Forests programs, she was eventually hired full-time for a year to create Learn About Forests training manuals. A three-year stint on the Board of Directors was next, and when she could no longer make that commitment she became an Advisor. EEI’s mission resonates deeply with Kira, who wants to see people of all colors and backgrounds reawaken their deep connection to Earth. She lives in Northampton, MA with her husband and two children. When not teaching at the Paulo Friere Social Justice Charter School, she plays Irish fiddle and tends a small farm.