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Internships with Eagle Eye

Mission Statement of Organization:


Eagle Eye is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering urban people from low-income communities, especially youth of color, to play an active role in caring for our environment. We do this by developing and disseminating innovative program models that transform the lives of urban youth; maintaining a champion network of natural resource professionals who lead our one and three day programs in nature, and offer trainings and programs for youth development specialists.


Project Goal(s):


• Provide weekly environmental education and outdoor exploration for youth in after-school programming at the Healey Boys and Girls Club in Somerville.


• Increase environmental awareness and stewardship in urban youth and increase youth capacity for leadership through teambuilding activities.


• Increase awareness and knowledge-base for outdoor recreation outlets in and around the city, as well as ways in which youth can protect the environment in seemingly small ways, i.e. recycling.


• Build connections between diverse groups of people, including intern volunteers, urban youth, youth workers, natural resource professionals and local community leaders.


• Increase capacity for program planning and facilitation, communication and leadership.


Project Description:


The intern will coordinate Eagle Eye’s eight-week long after-school program entitled Eagle Club.  Eagle Club is a weekly, hour-long environmental education program that consists of specific environmental lessons, nature-related games and activities, outdoor recreation, stewardship projects and advocacy work.


The intern will facilitate each week’s Eagle Club lessons and activities with the support of the Eagle Eye Program Manager and a natural resource professional. Each semester will have a theme (ex. water, trees, recycling) around which all eight lesson and activities are organized. In addition to regular weekly sessions, the program includes a full day long, immersive experience at a natural site called a Learn About Forests program. The Learn About Forests day includes forest exploration, activities, two instruction periods, a stewardship project and dinner around a campfire. After the trip, youth participate in an urban stewardship project in their own neighborhood, often of their own choosing. To close programming, the youth learn about advocacy and why it is important to advocate for causes they believe in and connect with.


Eagle Club provides a holistic experience in environmental learning for urban youth, engaging local community members and natural resource professionals to share their expertise in areas such as arboriculture, water engineering and local government. The intern will be responsible for being the point person for each session, introducing and transitioning between activities and assisting guest speakers in their lessons. The project will increase the interns skills in program planning and facilitation, and coordination of diverse groups of people. Eagle Club meets Eagle Eye’s goal of empowering urban youth through environmental learning, while increasing the breadth of program offerings for youth involved in afterschool clubs.


This project makes Eagle Eye’s mission a reality by engaging urban youth of color in environmental learning and outdoor exploration. In addition, this project promotes leadership, stewardship and advocacy amongst urban youth of color, thus diversifying the people involved in the conservation of natural resources.


Through Eagle Eye’s EAGLE  (Earth Advocates: Green Leaders for the Environment) Initiative, interns are empowered to be “Champions” and advocates for urban youth. The intern will fulfill Eagle Eye’s goals by developing their own capacity for leadership, creativity and knowledge to inform and expand Eagle Eye’s programming (Eagle Club and Learn About Forests).


Description of Role of the intern:


The intern will be responsible for planning and coordinating each week’s Eagle Club lessons and activities with the support of the Program Manager and volunteer natural resource professionals. In addition to facilitating the hour of Eagle Club each week, the intern will meet Eagle Eye’s Program Manager before each Eagle Club session to review the program plan and gather necessary program materials. After Eagle Club programming is finished each week, the intern will debrief with Eagle Eye’s Program Manager, return supplies and write up a program report. The intern will also be expected to attend a weekly staff meeting (roughly 1-2 hours), collaborate with other Eagle Eye staff on program logistics and meet with the Program Manager as needed to plan lessons and activities. The intern will also be responsible for co-facilitating the Learn About Forests program.


The intern will be primarily responsible for all the aspects of planning and facilitating Eagle Club, but will always be supported by Eagle Eye Institute staff. In addition, regular assistance will be provided in the areas of program logistics and curriculum development. The intern will be the main contact person for the youth group and the “face” of the program for the young people. As an Eagle Eye Institute Champion, the intern will assist with other aspects of internal development, such as raising awareness of Eagle Eye Institute in the community, recruiting intern volunteers, advertising programs on social media. Lastly, the intern will be expected from time to time to attend staff and community events in which Eagle Eye is participating.


The intern will get to experience the outdoors both in and around the city, as well as increase their understanding of environmental and social justice issues. Lastly, the intern will learn about the day-to-day and overall functions of a small nonprofit organization.


Through this project the intern will develop greater understanding of the network of people and places in the Somerville Community, enabling her/him to be a more successful advocate for social change. By interacting with urban youth, the intern will become more aware of different backgrounds and life circumstances providing a deeper and holistic view of the host communities. With Eagle Eye Institute, the intern will make a meaningful contribution to the community by directly advocating for youth development and the environment.


Specific skills/experience required for the project:


• High level of commitment and consistency in attendance and communication.


• Ability to work well with the Eagle Eye staff and independently to prepare for weekly programming.


• Demonstrated interest in working with underserved, urban youth of color.


• Multicultural sensitivity and awareness of social issues.


• Passion for the environment and understanding of the importance of access to nature for all people, especially youth.


• Ability to handle multiple tasks and meet deadlines.


• Desire to learn, grow and improve skills.

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