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Stopping-and-Observing1July 2015 – It’s a Fellsabration!

Eagle Eye Institute is proud to have helped plan the first Fells Day for Medford High School students! Students were able to explore the Mustang Trail (named in honor of their mascot), while stopping along stations at which a volunteer educator would teach them about a specific topic regarding the surrounding nature. Students also participated in their own stewardship projects, some of which included clearing or blocking off trails, collecting litter, and planting native trees. Both the volunteers and students benefitted from and enjoyed this day, as one high school junior stated, “It never crossed my mind that during a school day I would be going out into my community and not only learning about my surroundings on a different level, but embracing it as well. The pride and excitement you feel when you do something positively influential in your community, something that can make a change, is overpowering. Many people believe that if you want to see a change, you have to be the change, and I believe that on this Fells Day, all of Medford High was that change!”
For more information on our first Fellsabration, check out this article by the Medford Transcript!


P1000459March 2014 – EEI Partners with Medford High School

Eagle Eye Institute is excited to announce the formation of an EAGLE Club at Medford High School this spring. The Lawrence woods section of the Middlesex Fells Reservation abuts the school, yet is underutilized by students.  Eagle Eye and partner organizations, including Friends of the Middlesex Fells, MA Department of Conservation & Recreation, Environmental Protection Agency and USDA Forest Service are meeting regularly to assist Medford High School in engaging its diverse student body and faculty in outdoor learning and exploration. This spring, EAGLE Club will teach students about the ecology and threats to the Fells, while developing trail maintenance, outdoor leadership and teamwork skills during weekly gym classes.
Check out an article about Eagle Eye Programming in the June 26th, 2014 Medford Transcript


Click to read more in the Friends of the Fells spring newsletter


July 3, 2013deer EEI Wins $2K from Clif Bars

Eagle Eye Institute was a runner up in the CLIF Kid’s Backyard Game of the Year contest! Eagle Eye youth from Mystic Learning Center created a a game, “Deer, Deer Enter the Forest” and were selected as one of three finalists in the contest. After a close Facebook voting race, Eagle Eye Institute will receive a $2,000 donation from Clif Bars for coming in 2nd place. During the voting competition, Eagle Eye’s efforts were recognized in the Somerville Journal! Thank you to all those who supported us and voted for our game!



April 26, 2013 – EEI Receives Katie’s Krops Grant
Eagle Eye Institute assisted two youth in writing a proposal for a grant through Katie’s Krops this spring. They won a $400 girl card to Home Depot for start-up supplies for their garden, which they named Rainbow Growers. Partnering with Shape Up Somerville and the Mystic Learn Center, the garden is worked on by the youth at the Mystic Learning Center through their weekly Garden Club. The two youth, Sabiha and Darien, are able to take on a leadership role by teaching the younger youth about gardening. Sabiha and Darien have made a blog, with help from Eagle Eye, for updates on their gardening. All the food grown will be donated to people in need.

Click here to read the blog! 


March 6, 2013 – EAGLE Club Recognized in the Somerville Journal

Eagle Eye’s EAmlcpaperGLE Club was acknowledged for its active leadership role in the community. Once a week throughout the year, youth from the Mystic Learning Center participate in EAGLE Club (Earth Advocates Green Leaders for the Environment). Youth learn about environmental issues then participate in local stewardship and advocacy projects. Members of EAGLE Club were recognized for writing letters to the Somerville Housing Authority advocating for recycling services for their families and neighbors in the Mystic Housing Project – a service offered to the rest of the Somerville community.

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