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Program Instructors

Each program we hold with youth, is run by a volunteer Natural Resource Professional in tandem with Eagle Eye Champions and Staff. Natural Resource Professionals come from a variety of backgrounds from Environmental Educators to Conservationists and Forestry Workers.

Photos: Natural Resource Professionals James Rassman of DCR and Linton Harrington, Copicut Woods Education Coordinator, with Medford Boys and Girls Club Youth.

What is a Natural Resource Professional?

By offering hands-on exploratory activities and demonstrating the use of scientific knowledge and skill to better understand and care for the land, natural resource professionals promote personal growth and career opportunities for Eagle Eye’s youth participants. These dedicated individuals bring their expertise and field knowledge to programs and provide quality instruction to urban youth.

Who can be an Natural Resource Professional Instructor?

Anyone who aligns with our Learn about Forests mission! A Natural Resource Professional Instructor can be anyone who believes in the mission to provide hands-on, exploratory learning on forest-related environmental topics for underserved urban youth.

Examples of an Ideal Instructor

  • A youth worker who wants to provide an opportunity for young people in his or her organization
  • An environmental education center that wants to reach out to urban youth
  • A natural resource professional looking to expand education at his or her agency
  • A community member committed to creating more connections among people in the community

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