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The Learn More About Forests program is a two to three day overnight camping experience designed to deepen youth understanding and appreciation of nature. Similar to the Learn About Forests program, it focuses on science learning, leadership development, and raising awareness of environmental advocacy and careers. We offer youth and young adults between the ages of 8 and 24 the opportunity to camp, learn, and explore in an immersive natural setting. Youth are given a balance of structured learning time and space for reflection and fun. Instruction, food, and camping equipment are all included in the cost of the program. Eagle Eye has offered three types of Learn More About programs to community organizations since 1992: Learn More About Forests, Learn More About Water, and Learn More About Agriculture


Examples of Program Success

“Eagle Eye made it possible for a group of nine Mystic Learning Center youth, ages 8-13, to have an overnight expedition to the Rocky Hill Reservation in Medfield [MA]. Many of these youth had never gone camping before. On this trip, youth were encouraged to try new things, including building fires, calling owls, fashioning bird nests, and working as a team to complete various tasks. Throughout the trip, youth were given opportunities to lead the group, taking charge of navigation, food preparation, and decision-making. We also had a chance to let loose, which made for some incredible memories – searching for constellations, telling ghost stories at the campfire, and hiking at sunrise were just a few that stand out. To complete this incredible adventure, our kids were enlisted to help plant blueberry bushes in a high-erosion zone, ensuring that their legacy of appreciation and service would be carried on for years to come.”

– Heather McCormack, Mystic Learning Center Youth Worker

Find more information, including pricing, here: Learn More About Forests Info Sheet