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The Learn About Forests™ program is a full-day nature immersion that introduces youth to the beauty and peace of nature. It is a transformational experience that brings 12 to 15 urban youth and young adults between the ages of 8 and 24, with little to no experience in nature, to a natural site for eight hours of field explorations, science lessons, team-building activities, and stewardship projects. Learn About programs have taken place in a variety of forest habitats, water ecosystems, and farm settings. Content of each program is customized to the site visited, the needs of the youth, and the expertise of the instructors. All the programs accommodate multiple learning styles, expand environmental literacy, and build bridges to careers in the environment. Eagle Eye has offered Learn About programs, including Learn About Forests™, Learn About Water, and Learn About Agriculture, to community organizations since 1992.



Examples of Program Success

    OY1YIMhhOhlcxGEMltm34FXIvtM_lDffSMq9IOvnJCA        “[Eagle Eye] gave me more opportunities to be in nature and to learn more. Every [Learn About] experience, every time I went, was different. It was great to be able to share that experience with my friends when I was younger and now I want to share that experience with my family. I bring my sister, my nephews, my god kids and friends to the woods. Now, I go hiking all the time. I bring people with me camping and mountain biking, because I just love to share the peace and joy of it. If I didn’t have Eagle Eye in my life all this time, I wouldn’t share that; I wouldn’t be such an outdoors person; the way I think about life would have been different. [Eagle Eye] just kind of molded me.”  

– Melinda Duffy, Eagle Eye alum

Melinda participated in a variety of Eagle Eye programming including Learn About Forests, Learn More About Forests and Urban Stewardship Projects. She has served as an Eagle Eye Institute volunteer since 2010.