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Cleo Hirsch

Cleo first became involved in Eagle Eye in 2010 as a sophomore at Tufts. She began as a volunteer Learn About Forest Champion, organizing two spring LAFs for local youth development organizations. After having an amazing experience serving as a champion for EEI, she spent the 2010 and 2011 summers as an intern, coordinating the LAF programs with our various youth development organization including Mystic Learning Center, Middlesex Boys and Girls Club, and Margaret Fuller House. She also worked with EEI throughout her time at Tufts to create a lasting relationship between the university and the institute. Currently Cleo is a 7th grade US History teacher in the Bronx, NY and a corps member at Teach For America. Her experience at EEI inspired her to pursue this work after graduation and she utilizes the tools that she gained as a part of the Eagle Eye community in her daily work teaching urban youth.