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Carol Pine

Carol has been a senior partner of The Travel Collaborative in Cambridge, Ma for over 30 years and has served on their steering committee. With Carol’s experience working collectively with her colleagues to create a successful business, she brings a unique entrepreneurial team perspective to Eagle Eye.

“I first heard about Eagle Eye through my colleague at the Travel Collaborative, MaJa Kietzke. I was immediately attracted to the mission of Eagle Eye. In my own life, I have experienced the beauty of nature and how nourishing it can be. It made perfect sense to support an organization that provides youth an opportunity to learn about nature by being physically active and intellectually stimulated.

Through Eagle Eye, I have witnessed firsthand the impact these experiences have on the youth. I love being part of a group that provides opportunities to the next generation. The program participants bring back their knowledge and excitement to share with their friends, family, and community. That is powerful.”