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Bill Labich

Ever since Bill met Anthony Sanchez in 1992, he’s been on a journey focused on helping all people, no matter their circumstances, to collaborate to conserve our planet’s ecosystems. He learned to love trees as a student and practitioner of forestry, citizens making the most of their communities as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Haiti and as land use planner in Western Mass., and diverse partnerships that serve as the basis for a new grassroots conservation movement called Wildlands and Woodlands. Over the last 20 years, Bill has grown personally and professionally as he took on different jobs with Eagle Eye: LAF Instructor, Champion, Champion Trainer, Board Member, and Leadership Team Member. Bill currently assists regional conservation partnerships to permanently conserve 70% of New England in forest by 2060. Bill lives with his wife Christine, an artist, and two children, Grace (12 and Noah (12) in the wilds and woods of Shutesbury, Massachusetts.